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Build Your Own Steel Structure with LTM Engineering's DIY Kit

Are you looking for an affordable and customizable steel structure for your property, but unsure of where to start? Look no further than LTM Engineering's DIY steel structure kit. Our kit provides all the materials and steel structure drawings you need to build your own structure, whether it's a warehouse for farming or a storage shed for your property development. With our kit, you'll have the satisfaction of building it yourself and the flexibility to customize it to your exact needs.

Steel Structure Drawings

One of the essential components of our DIY steel structure kit is the steel structure drawings. These provide an easy-to-follow blueprint for constructing your structure. Our professional engineers have drawn up plans that are both comprehensive and easy to follow. The drawings will accurately show you where to place each component of the structure so that construction will go smoothly.

Columns for Structure

The columns in our kit have a red oxide finish that protects them from rust. They're designed to be durable and strong, with the ability to support the weight of the steel roof trusses and roof sheeting. The columns come pre-punched, making it easy for you to attach other components to them. We also offer customization options for the columns, so you can adjust the length of the column to fit your specific requirements.

Roof Trusses for Steel Structure

Our kit includes pre-engineered roof trusses that are designed to provide maximum support for your structure. The trusses are pre-welded for your convenience, making them easy to install along with the columns and cross bracing. The trusses come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the right ones for your specific needs.

Mild Steel Lipped Channels- Purlins

Our kit includes mild steel lipped channels that are used for purlins in steel structures. They are pre-punched for easy installation and come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. The lipped channels are designed to provide excellent support and stability to your structure, so you can rest assured it will remain strong for years to come.

Bolts, Nuts, and Washers for Steel Assembly

Our DIY kit includes all the necessary bolts, nuts, and washers to assemble your steel structure. We've made sure to include enough hardware for each component of the structure, so you won't have to worry about running out of supplies during construction. All the hardware in our kit is of the highest quality and tested for strength and durability.

Galvanized IBR sheeting for roof only, nok ridging & Screws

Finally, we offer .5 galvanized IBR sheeting for the roof only, along with nok ridging and screws. This sheeting is designed to provide a watertight seal on the roof, protecting your building from leaks and other weather damage.

OPTIONAL EXTRA'S to add to our DIY Steel structure kits

We can Quote on the following:

WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED when you buy a DIY Steel structure Kit?

The following can be quoted on separately. Our structures are fully customizable

  • Transport

  • Concrete foundations & holding down bolts

  • Erection

  • Roof Sheeting installation

  • Site visit's

Please note: If your project is smaller than 1000 sqm we only provide site work within a 200km radius of Middelburg, Mpumalanga to ensure we can meet Quality standards expected from all our clients.

In conclusion, with LTM Engineering's DIY steel structure kit, building your own steel structure has never been easier. Our kit includes everything you need to construct a customized structure that meets your specific requirements. You'll be able to build a structure that's both strong and durable, while also being easy on your budget. Whether you're a farmer, property developer, or contractor, our kit is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build their own steel structure. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our DIY kit and start building your very own structure.

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