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Roof Sheeting Supply And Installation In Dullstroom, Mpumalanga

In the beautiful locale of Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, trusted supplier and installer LTM Engineering is making a name for itself with premium roof sheeting products. Specializing in both IBR and corrugated roof sheeting, they fortify both commercial and residential structures against environmental conditions. Providing high-quality materials such as Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel, amongst others, their sheets are admired for both strength and aesthetics.

The skilled team at LTM Engineering is dedicated to delivering top-notch customer satisfaction, following strict industry standards during installation while offering affordable costs for long-term protection. Offering more than just roof sheeting, you can also turn to LTM for additional products like Roof Fasteners and custom-designed steel structures.

About LTM Engineering

At LTM Engineering, we pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier and installer of premium roof sheeting products. We understand the importance of protecting your commercial and residential buildings from environmental elements, and our services are designed to do just that. Our main mission is to provide safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing options to our clients.

Services Offered

Our services range from supply to installation of roof sheeting. These services are comprehensive and aimed at addressing all your roofing needs. With our expert team, we offer solutions like Roof Fasteners, Flashings, DIY Steel Structures, custom-designed steel structures, and turnkey construction solutions.

Experience and Expertise

Having spent years in the construction industry, we have gained not just experience but also the required expertise to cater to various roofing needs. Our team of professionals is deeply knowledgeable in different types of roof sheeting, from IBR to Corrugated sheeting. We bring this experience and insight into every project we undertake.

Emphasis on High-quality Products

We believe that the key to a great roof lies in the quality of the products used. That's why we emphasize the use of top-grade materials, from Galvanized Steel to Polycarbonate. Our goal is to provide you with a roof that not only looks good but can also stand the test of time.

Types of Roof Sheeting

At LTM Engineering, we deal with two primary types of roof sheeting: IBR and Corrugated.

IBR Roof Sheeting

Our high-quality IBR roof sheets are made from varying materials, each known for its strength and aesthetic appeal. We offer customization options as well, such as cranking, curving, and bullnosing, to meet specific client requirements.

Corrugated Roof Sheeting

Corrugated roof sheeting is another popular choice in the construction industry due to its larger effective cover compared to IBR. We provide these sheets and ensure that roofing projects get executed to perfection using our reliable installation services.

Materials Used in Roof Sheeting

We offer an array of materials for roof sheeting, each one being top-notch quality.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel is one of our most durable materials, providing a decent balance of cost, strength, and longevity.

Stainless Steel

When looking for a combination of corrosion resistance, strength, and aesthetics, stainless steel is your ideal choice.


Polycarbonate sheeting is perfect for those who prefer a transparent roof without compromising on strength and durability.


Our coloured sheeting options are great for those desiring a great looking roof that doesn't compromise on durability and protection.

Customization of Roof Sheets

We understand that sometimes a plain flat sheet just won't do. Hence, we provide customization based on client requirements.


Our cranking process allows us to provide a curvature to the sheets, adding an aesthetic touch while maintaining the sheet's strength.


Curving is another aesthetic addition we provide that not only makes the sheets more visually appealing but also enhances their strength and flexibility.


If you're looking for a smooth, rounded edge on your sheets, our bullnosing service has got you covered.

Product Inspection and Quality Check

To ensure that you receive only the best, we maintain a strict quality check process.

Quality standards maintained

We adhere to high standards of quality while installing roof sheeting. Our team ensures that all safety standards are met during the installation process for long-term protection.

Procedure of Inspection before Delivery

Before delivery, we thoroughly inspect the quality of our products. This ensures that the delivered goods are in the best condition and will stand strong for years to come.

Spread of Service Areas

Located at 13 Kort Street, Hendrina, South Africa, we provide our services throughout Mpumalanga.

Coverage in Mpumalanga

Even though our primary location is in Hendrina, we are proud to say that our services extend throughout Mpumalanga, South Africa. It's our mission to ensure everyone in Mpumalanga has access to our high-quality roof sheeting products and services.

Thickness and Durability of IBR Sheeting

When it comes to the thickness of IBR sheeting, we offer a range, from slender 0.4mm sheeting to sturdier options like 0.8mm.

0.4mm IBR sheeting

Our 0.4mm IBR sheeting is the most affordable and slender option available. It's appropriate for regions with low wind and is regularly employed in residential roofing plans.

0.5mm IBR sheeting

If you're handling commercial or industrial roofing projects, our 0.5mm IBR sheeting is a fantastic choice. Given its increased durability compared to the 0.4mm thickness, it's preferred by many of our commercial clients.

0.58mm IBR sheeting

Our 0.58mm IBR sheeting is usually the go-to choice for both industrial and commercial roofing applications. It's perfect for areas with high wind as it can withstand such conditions quite well.

0.8mm IBR sheeting

The 0.8mm IBR sheeting is the thickest and most durable option we provide. It shines in areas prone to high wind loads or any sudden damage risk to your property.

Buying Choices for Clients

We understand that different clients have different needs. Therefore, we have flexible buying choices for our clients.

Option to buy only materials

At LTM Engineering, we provide the option for clients to buy only the materials if they wish. This gives you the flexibility and control over your project that you require.

Option to avail installation service

We also offer an installation service, performed by our experienced and skilled team. This ensures that your roof sheeting is installed in the perfect manner for the utmost protection from environmental elements.

Differentiating Factors of LTM Engineering

Industry Experience and Insight

Our many years spent in the construction industry has given us an inside view of what works best for different structures. This deep understanding sets us apart from our competitors.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At LTM Engineering, quality and customer satisfaction aren't just buzzwords. We're truly dedicated to offering high-quality products and services that meet and exceed every client's needs.

Contact and Additional Information

Details about reaching out to LTM Engineering

Interested clients or prospective buyers can easily reach out to us for quotes and additional information. We're always ready and happy to assist.

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